I live for the translation of inspiration.

I thrive on connection; to this world, those I serve, and to the source of the vastly creative and extraordinarily intelligent energy that runs through all things.

I am dedicated to my craft as an awakened artist and support dedicated creative visionaries to transcend into their next evolutionary expression of themselves so they can create the world they want while leading a thriving life on all levels.

Eudaimonia: Greek word for the highest degree of human happiness

The Key: Tap into a Flow State

High Performance Artistic and Lifestyle Coaching

for Conscious Beings dedicated to making a difference sharing their gifts in the world.


New Jersey born Robert Edward Ball III, aka Ra.be, is a spiritual being living one wild ride of a human life. He’s gone from being a collegiate athlete, to a snowboard instructor, to commissioned mural and visual artist, to a world traveler, to an international energy healer and Hip Hop artist, and combines all these facets into offering his art as a gift to the world while supporting those who are dedicated to taking their lives to the next level.

  • He holds a Masters and Certificate of Science in Theta Healing
  • Is a Performing Hip Hop artist
  • Is trained as a Yoga instructor from the Shri Kali traditional Tantra Yoga School in India
  • NLP Practioner
  • Visual Artist

I Live for…

The outrageous potential of True Source Expression – Being in the Rapturous and Awe Inspiring grip of the Universal Life Force.

Connection. Bombing hills on skateboards and snowboards, Rapping like a hummingbird, Living Life to the point of tears, breathing presently

Cultivating and creating art that attempts to touch the indescribable miracle of any and all facets of LIFE.  Serendipity.

Connecting with passionate, alive, awake, and Innovative beings creating their dreams into reality.  Studying with master teachers. Writing. Painting. Drawing. Feeling Alive in my body

Thinning the veils of separation and acting upon my greatest excitement!

Healing the illusion of separation.

I Create…

Myself daily, transformational experiences through performances and workshops, Hip Hop Music, Visual Art, and sacred spaces for others to tap into their greatest potential both personally and artistically.

Who I support…

Those who are committed to their personal development and Spiritual path and use art in their day to day life as a medium to explore, express, uncover, and reveal their true nature.

My Super Powers

  • Uncovering others Zone of Genius
  • Guiding others to Opening their Divine Channel of Limitless Creative Potentials
  • Pinpointing core and limiting belief systems and shifting them
  • Reprogramming the unconscious mind to get what you want
  • Being able to see what I think Manifesting like whaaa
  • Translating the Divine
  • Strategically guiding others to their Greatest Expression
  • Cultivating a holistic approach to living Life as Art
  • Integrating High Performance Lifestyle with High Performance Creativity
  • Sourcing Source