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Tap the Flow is a mainline to the Great Mystery. I offer freshly baked doses of Musical and Visual inspiration, and high level coaching to be tapped in to the most creative life force on the planet and thrive as an artist.


I am a Hip Hop MC and coach for awakened creatives who are here to positively impact the world. I live for the translation of inspiration. I thrive on connection; to this world, those I serve, and to the source of the vastly creative and extraordinarily intelligent energy that runs through all things.

Go Pro

The biggest mindset shift relative to my relationship to creativity was turning pro.  It was THE point of solidifying my dedication to my craft and has influenced every way I show up to my work ever since.  I guide others through this right of passage and witness miracles in the process.


By nature, we are curious beings in an ever expanding creation and therefore creativity is a natural force in our being.  Our drive to bring to life that which has never been here before is vital to being human.  The level of creativity available to anyone is as vast as the cosmos and as unique as a snowflake’s fingerprint.  Are you ready to own this and get on with your bad-ass self?!


I call the unforeseen, invisible, and unexplainable energy that shows up time and time again when you are in alignment with the core of your being and doing what you love, Magic.  It’s the quantum leaps, serendipitious events, and Divine interventions that leave you in awe and move you to create from a new level of awareness.  I can show you how to experience more of this.

I live for the translation of inspiration.

I thrive on connection; to this world, those I serve, and to the source of the vastly creative and extraordinarily intelligent energy that runs through all things.

I am dedicated to my craft as an awakened artist and support dedicated creative visionaries to transcend into their next evolutionary expression of themselves so they can create the world they want while leading a thriving life on all levels.

Eudaimonia: Greek word for the highest degree of human happiness

The Key: Tap into a Flow State

High Performance Artistic and Lifestyle Coaching

for Conscious Beings dedicated to making a difference sharing their gifts in the world.

Work With Me

I offer highly impactful and deeply transformative personal coaching for the committed, awakened creative. I am in service and reverence to those who have been called to the path of the artist who knows their craft and expression is much bigger than themselves. The path is a gateway to the Divine. Together we can forge the keys and unlock the Great Mystery.

This site will regularly give you a first hand look into the ineffable through my personal translations as well as grounded, practical, and bad-ass solutions for the modern awakened creative to thrive.

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